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We're All Harry Potter Now

Karen Skypes her mother to find out how to cook pasta. Dad answers, and wants to know where his grandson is...

During the COVID19 lockdown...

Karen returns from a shopping trip and Skypes her mother. Dad answers and a conversation about life in isolation begins, and how they're all coping. Karen's other half, Lee, is banished to self-isolation, but where is grandson Liam?

In the end, people are going to start using loo roll for trading...

Cast and creatives

KAREN: Bizz Portlock

DAD: Nick Blessley

LIAM: Toby Portlock

Written and Directed by Ian Tucker-Bell

Twitter: @WorksofOrange

I've had to send Lee into the spare room. I don't mean the spare room, I mean the tent.

Watch here

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