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ISOLATION ALAN 3: The Abandoned Pink Wafer.

A series of short audio monologues in an Alan Bennett Style, observing social distancing mishaps.

”Much to my astonishment, he cocks his leg on my wall and begins stretching out his calves..."

Episode 3. Settling down for an afternoon tea and biscuit, Alan is startled by a kerfuffle outside his window. What begins as just another Lockdown Day, introduced the tattooed student to Alan, and so begins  a learning curve.

"He caught my eye and smiled at me, so it seemed a bit rude not to go out and say hello. Hello, I said, and he took those ear pod things out and said hello back.”

Cast and Creatives

Written by Paul T. Davies

Performed and produced by Joseph Rawlings.

Stage Write production www.stagewrite.co.uk Twitter @stagewrite_

Watch here


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