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ISOLATION ALAN 1: A Salmon skid by the Bins.

Stage Write presents a series of short audio monologues in an Alan Bennett Style, observing social distancing mishaps.

“A stray bit of salmon, not collected by Clive the bin man, had created an embarrassing skid. Clive's gout had been causing him problems again and he wasn't his usual efficient self."

Episode 1. In the first encounter with the residents of Trumpton Grove, Alan is disturbed by a scream from outside, and muses about life under lockdown.

"I worry about Clive sometimes, he's not been the same since the incident a week last Sunday, when his forward thrust was a tad, shall we say, over enthusiastic. I mean The Lambeth Walk should never be attempted without training.”

Cast and Creatives

Written by Paul T. Davies & Ben Wills

Performed and produced by Joseph Rawlings.

Stage Write production Twitter @stagewrite_

Watch here

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