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Here’s how it works…

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

It’s a way to keep working and to support creative people in the theatre. To create new work and new audiences. And if you're here to watch, please give your support - by reposting, retweeting, following (on Facebook as well) and, if you can, buy the creatives a cup of coffee*.

Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

Hook up with friends and colleagues online

Actors, directors, writers, sound engineers, editors, foley artists…who else could you connect with...from a distance?

Create a 5-50 minute audio or video play

Them’s the only rules really – end to end (including any titles, credits and music*)

Use remote technology to create it and record it

You can do it “as live” - give Google Hangouts a go, Skype, Zoom whatever – you could even mail everyone a C60 cassette tape. But don’t forget to record it.

Edit it

Make it as high quality as you can…any kind of post-production is allowed

Time it

Please tell us the total running time so it’s searchable. This is work in progress...

Eg. If it’s 5’59” (including opening music, titles and end credits – ie from silence to silence) it will be searchable as a five minute piece.

Have a genre in mind

You can tag it with a genre – there is a list when you submit...and we'll tag it here, just like a blog post

Make sure everyone is credited!

Get everyone involved a credit – on the soundtrack and in the blurb. It's really important

Badge it

Use the Viral Festival logo and the hashtag #ViralFestivalevery play with the logo and hashtag is in the festival!

Upload it

Very important this one. You can use Soundcloud (free accounts get up to 3 hours, so that’s a few plays right there) or, we hope, another podcasting platform…hint, hint. Of course you can use YouTube and Vimeo.

*Link everything

Make sure everyone involved has a link to their account at buymeacoffee.com or any donation/fundraising platform – so listeners can vote with spondulicks (what is this? Ed)...money.

Fill out the form here to submit your piece to us!

Promote the hell out of it

Use all the social media you can lay your mouse on – and include links to our site where we’ll collate links


Obviously, listen to other plays, reward them with a few pence or even millions (eh, Mr Branson?) And at some distant time we’ll have a big awards ceremony where we make up categories and persuade Stephen Fry to give out plastic trophies.

Let's go...

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