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FireWater TriggerBust

In an attempt to escape her home in North Dakota, Luna wrestles with abandoning her dying mother and selling her small plot of land as a site for fracking or staying put in her dead-end life.

Photo credit Finlay Mackay

Luna Slater is twenty and trapped.

Life is shuffling back and forth between her job at the QuikStop and her home with her mother in the grip of Alzheimers.

Luna can just about to cling to her sanity with the help of her neighbor and Quikstop manager, Mike, delusions of starting a punk band, and the water bottle full of vodka.

But then land-scouts from ExxonMobil arrive looking for fracking opportunities. Luna could sell up. So could Mike. Will Luna be able to choose an escape that’s real, or will she give in to her wasted dreams of her high school rock band and the $35k that the oil company is offering?

-There's nothing wrong with people looking out for each other.
-Yeah but when does that ever happen without something else underneath it?

Cast and creatives

Written By Sophia Valera Heinecke

Produced By Wednesday Sue Derrico for Experimental Bitch Presents

Luna: Madeline Barasch

Mike: Sean Slater

Jeff: Matthew K. Davis

Barbara: Charity Schubert

Luna's Mom: Julie Jjin

It’s taken me a long time to get happy with my life. The land won’t just get messed up 'a little' by the fracking guys.

Listen here

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