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Desktop Witches

In this adaptation of the live show MODERN WITCHES, an actor on the run from love lands at a mystic shop and learns to confront her fears under the guidance of witches and the ghost of Virginia Woolf.

Sometimes I feel like I'm playing whoever I need to be to fit in...

Having just escaped being burned alive...

... in her temporary historic mansion housing, actor Kate has landed on her feet - or more specifically, on the couch in an apartment above a mystic shop. Kate uses the task of a self-tape audition to ignore the upheaval caused by her anxious decision to break off her wedding engagement.

The person she must portray is Virginia Woolf.

Kate knows that she is using her character research as a distraction from her own tumultuous feelings, and this fixation only makes for an increasingly wooden performance. As her frustration mounts, she slowly unravels.

Using the magical and probably unethically sourced ingredients around her, Kate invokes the Universe’s power for help with surprising results.

Cast and creatives

Katherine Kopajtic

Instagram: @kkopajtic

Venmo @k-kopajtic

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I'd say the sharpest fear lies with those who try to recreate you, Mrs Woolf.

Watch here

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