It's not about us*, it's about you.

Freelance actors, directors, writers, sound engineers, in fact anyone creative who wants to keep making theatre - from a (social) distance.

Get your friends together well, apart but together online through Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams whatever your favoured method. Hell you could even phone them.

Work on an idea  a new script from 5 to 50 minutes and then record it and upload it   We're recommending SoundCloud just now as you can get 180 minutes on a free account.

Tell us all about it and we'll put it on the website and promote the heck out of it on social media. It's always possible that you'll get some money (we're using buymeacoffee.com) and  when this whole damn war is over Daphne, maybe someone will want to commission you...

There are very few rules. Your work has to be original. You have to have permission to record it  and that includes any sound (including music) you use. You record it and upload it. Send us the link but make sure you tag it #ViralFestival and include our logo - the pink virus thing. Do all that and you're IN the festival and eligible to goodness knows what prizes when we come out the other side.

Keep in touch and watch out for updates.


* But if you want to know, we make theatre and we've taken shows to Edinburgh for a few years. But we don't own this thing...it belongs to the people who make the work.